What can we do for you?


Editing is the sequencing and timing of raw film clips in such a way so that it creates a meaningful story. I see editing as the essence of my profession. Even the most complex graphic animation depends on the rhythm and the decoupage of the various scenes.

As more filmmakers themselves have editing software, I am often asked to do only the final stage of an edit. The director / producer, has done most of the editing and i am asked to do the "fine tuning" of the final edit.

Graphic Design

Design comprises a wide range which runs from neat stylish titles to complete animated clips.

Design is always at the service of the message we wish to convey. The choices of for example fonts, color and shapes largely determine the appearance of a production.

If necessary I can call the help of one the many illustrators in our network who all have their own specific style.

In some cases there already is an existing design, eg for print. In that case we can do an adaptation for the use in video.


Compositing is the art of combining different visual elements to create a new scene . One of the most well known examples is of course Chroma Keying. And actor is filmed before a blue or green wall and later placed in a different environment.
However, such effects are only credible if ample attention is paid to details like adding shadows and reflections. Also by balancing color and background and by for example adding lensflairs , the credibility of these compositions is greatly increased.

2D animation

I have extensive experience in creating typographical animations . It is an efficient way to communicate an abstract or complicated message.

3D Animation

We can also provide 3D animation. From 3D logos to complex virtual machines can be build manufacture using 3D software.